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votoweb is your Web Home Owners Association.

ChatShare a private communication forum, accessible only to the residents of your Neighborhood.
DocumentationEasily access the Association's documentation, and help saving money by providing competitive quotations.
Bulletin boardFind out what happens in your Neighborhood aunque estés de vacaciones o sea tu segunda vivienda.
FinanceAccess at any time to the financial statement of your association to stay informed of what's happening with your money.
VotingLaunch votings, discuss them online and propose them to be voted to know your neighbors opinion before the Meeting.
ConsensusReach agreements on complex issues through the new method Search for Consensus.
Scheduled NoticesSend or receive Scheduled Notices to inform the Owners of the start of works or the charging of fees.

SeekerCreate now your Home Owners Association and use this tool for free, without fees or fixed payments.

Benefits for the Neighborhood President when using Votoweb.

  • 1. Communication
  • 2. Decisions
  • 3. Clear and Simple Accounts
  • 4. Versions and Prices

    If you've been chosen or it is your turn for being the President of the Neighborhood, you face a complicated task, especially in an area that should be the easiest in a Neighborhood: the communication.

    Despite being very close to each other, It is usually very difficult to find good times to meet with your neighbors, and you probably feel uncomfortable having to use the cellphone to communicate important issues to neighbors. Using the physical Bulletin Board is also a problem knowing that some owners do not usually reside in the neighborhood or may be traveling for any reason.

    This difficulty of communication is especially problematic for the President, which often has to inform about the receipts that need to be paid, new money raisings or works to be carried out. The best solution to this problem is to exploit the benefits that Internet offers, creating a replica of the Neighborhood in Votoweb.

    In the Chat of Votoweb you can ask your neighbors what is the most convenient time to cut the light for a work or request quotations search for a new service, without needing to call Extraordinary General Meetings just to share information.

    In Votoweb you also have a virtual bulletin board, with the peculiarity of being able to notify a single neighbor or all with just one notification, and even schedule them for their automatic delivery in a particular date. This tool allows advising about important issues not only to the neighbors who see the physical board, but even to those who can not access it because they are traveling or in other residence. This is especially important when it is needed to inform the neighbors that they should be prepared for a bill to be charged.

    If in addition to being President you have the Secretary responsibilities, you have the legal obligation to safeguard the Association's documentation available to the neighbors. The Documents Zone of Votoweb allows you to fulfill this obligation without forcing them to call to your door every time they want to check a detail of the Neighborhood insurance or the last meeting minutes.

    Decisions in the Home Owners Associations are currently taken in many cases by very few people or in a too hasty manner. It is usual to get to the Annual Meeting and find problems you did know nothing about, and with opposing sides already created. In the short time of this discussion we should face the problem and position in one of those sides, with the problems that this creates. This problem convinces many neighbors for not attending the Meetings, and often gives the President of the Association the unpleasant role of referee of the dispute.

    In Votoweb all residents can develop proposals, discuss them and vote before the Official Meetings, so the issues can be discussed by the interested parties without involving the President, and in many cases get to know if a proposal has enough acceptance before the Meeting. So, it becomes more just the formal votation than the discussion.

    As a result, as President you skip the role of mediator, and coexistence and the quality of decisions are greatly improved. The debate takes place in the Chat, by writing and with time to think, instead of during the Official Meeting, without time or tools to find information, and with the neighbors confronted face to face.

    In many Associations there is a lack of confidence in those who control the shared money, and even in these days of Internet and computers, many associations continue to keep their numbers by hand in an old book surrounded by bills and receipts.

    Votoweb provides the President of the Association with a simple tool to keep neighbors updated,so at any time they can access the statement, and thus have the peace of mind and confidence that the person who keeps the accounts is transparent, And to see what neighbors do not pay their Association bills on time, help in finding the best quotations uploading those that improve in price and quality the currently available for the various works and services required for the Neighborhood, and knowing if the money is being spent as intended or foreseeing money raisings when they will be necessary. You can also keep easily updated the neighborhood statement, grouping the cash movements by kind, and allowing automatic access to charts and reports about the Association financial state.

    With Votoweb you can create a virtual Neighborhood, invite your neighbors, use the chat, launch and vote on proposals, share documents and the Neighborhood financial state, completely free of charge, but if you also want the best user experience for your Neighborhood, almost without limits on the documents sharing, with unique domain name and certificates for your Neighborhood, You can have it for a small monthly fee by activating the Premium Service (See versions and prices).