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votoweb is your Web Home Owners Association.

ChatShare a private communication forum, accessible only to the residents of your Neighborhood.
DocumentationEasily access the Association's documentation, and help saving money by providing competitive quotations.
Bulletin boardFind out what happens in your Neighborhood aunque estés de vacaciones o sea tu segunda vivienda.
FinanceAccess at any time to the financial statement of your association to stay informed of what's happening with your money.
VotingLaunch votings, discuss them online and propose them to be voted to know your neighbors opinion before the Meeting.
ConsensusReach agreements on complex issues through the new method Search for Consensus.
Scheduled NoticesSend or receive Scheduled Notices to inform the Owners of the start of works or the charging of fees.

SeekerCreate now your Home Owners Association and use this tool for free, without fees or fixed payments.

Benefits of using Votoweb for the Professional Administrator of the Home Owners Association.

  • 1. Organize your Time
  • 2. Save Work
  • 3. Save Money
  • 4. Increase your neighborhoods fidelity
  • 5. Offer a Digital Transparent Administration
  • 6. Versions and Prices

    Votoweb is a tool that will allow you saving long phoning hours replying always the same questions, avoiding useless visits to your neighborhoods and optimizing your time, by deciding what time you will dedicate to solve the less urgent questions of your customers.

    This tool allows you to schedule a notice for a whole neighborhood or for a particular neighbor, selecting the precise delivery date for the notice in advance., so it will appear days before the starting of neighborhood works or the charge of a fee to the neighbors. That way, you can avoid peak works, and save needing to recall the neighbors one by one.

    The Votings page allows you to clarify if an Official Meeting is really needed in a particular moment, or if there is not enough data or consensus to call for it, so there will be not useless Meetings, and decission taking will be fast in the needed ones, because the discussion will have been made previously in the Votoweb chat.

    With Votoweb, you can easily communicate with the owners of allyour Neighborhoods, using the Chat (which is the communication place visible for all the neighbors), the Bulletin Board (which provides private notifications directed only to one neighbor or to the whoule Neighborhood), or the Documents page (in whoch all the important neighborhood documentation can be shared) depending on the case, avoiding the time waste of trying to locate them.

    With this tool, you will also be able to offer your services to Neighborhoods further away from your office, because you will need to visit them less frequently, having a more accurate vision of the circumstances at each Neighborhood.

    Thanks to Votoweb integration with mobile devices, you can easily take a photo of a document with your cellphone or tablet, and make it available for your customers in less than a minute, getting negligible the needed effort for making a document available for the neighbors that request it.

    Stationery expenses, mail and phone that can be saved thanks to Votoweb, are finally quite important, but it is even more important the time that you can save daily in neighbors phone calls and visits.

    Being a free tool without limit for the use time nor the users number, Votoweb doesn't need to be an extra expense. Even when your custmers decide to activate the Premium service, as Votoweb is oriented as a service for the Association, the neighborhood is who must incorporate it into its budget, so Votoweb will never be an expense for your Business.

    Our main target is to offer the best tool for the Neighborhood, but one of our most important targets is to allow the professional administrators to develop new services, which would be impossible to offer without this platform, so you can offer a wider range of possibilities to your customers, getting a better market segmentation and finally obtaining a better net profit for your work.

    Each day more, Internet is present in all business areas, and Neighborhoods Administration will not be away of that. Offering a service of Digital Administration, updating even the Neighborhoods you already work for, allows you to show that you care about the service quality that you give to your customers, as well as that your business is in the cutting edge of the technology.

    Without any cost, Votoweb provides you an easy way to keep your customers updated with the progress of your tasks, demonstrating that you care for them and dedicate your time, and have them updated. The transparency you can show with this tool is the best way for your customers to increase their trust in your Business, give value to the efforts you dedicate to them, and understand the difficulties and work that frequently are needed to accomplish with their requests.

    Votoweb allows you also to avoid conflicts, when a small decission makes it impossible to make your work in a way that is satisfactory for everybody. If in an Official Meeting the decission of placing a fence was taken, but the color was not decided, with Votoweb you can raise a fast votation to decide it, so when the neoghbos see the fence they will not think that you selected the worst color.

    Also, we have launched a promotion for Highlighted Administrators that allows you for free to create a web to promote your business inside Also, this web will be easily accessible for all the Votoweb Neighborhoods near your office that do not count already with a Highlighted Administrator, with the tool of 'Administrators Search'.

    In many neighborhoods there is a pathological mistrust on the people that manage the neighborhood money, being this one of the main reasons why some of them reject the idea of hiring a Professional Administrator.

    With Votoweb you can approach these Neighborhoods, as you can easily offer them access to the updated statement (cash flow, easy to update in just one click by uploading the movements file that you download from the bank web), offering them this way the trustability of being completely transparent.

    This tool allows neighbors also to see who is not paying their fees on time, and if the money is being spent as expected, as well as to foresee extraordinary fees when they will be needed. Think that offering a Transparent Digital Administration can be the difference that convinces the neighborhoods without Professional Administrator, or to those with an Administrator who is reticent to provide the requested information, to hire your services.

    Votoweb allows you to segment your market, creating a customized virtual neighborhood for each of your neighborhoods willing to enjoy the advantages of a Digital Administration. It has a completely free mode which allows you to invite the neighbors, make available to them the chat and the proposals, share documents and update the Neighborhood financial state, but being a free modality it has certain limitations in the available space for documents, and in the user experience, especially due to the advertising banners.

    In order to offer a professional service with our platform, the most recommended option is the Premium Service, which allows you to offer the best user experience in exchange for a small fee, including your corporate image, without advertising banners, almost without limits on the documents sharing, and with unique domain name and certificates for each Neighborhood (See versions and prices).