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votoweb is your Web Home Owners Association.

ChatShare a private communication forum, accessible only to the residents of your Neighborhood.
DocumentationEasily access the Association's documentation, and help saving money by providing competitive quotations.
Bulletin boardFind out what happens in your Neighborhood aunque estés de vacaciones o sea tu segunda vivienda.
FinanceAccess at any time to the financial statement of your association to stay informed of what's happening with your money.
VotingLaunch votings, discuss them online and propose them to be voted to know your neighbors opinion before the Meeting.
ConsensusReach agreements on complex issues through the new method Search for Consensus.
Scheduled NoticesSend or receive Scheduled Notices to inform the Owners of the start of works or the charging of fees.

SeekerCreate now your Home Owners Association and use this tool for free, without fees or fixed payments.


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